The Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts) is the most important cultural center in Mexico City as well as the rest of the country of Mexico. It is located on the west side of the historic center of Mexico City next to the Alameda Central park.

The first National Theater of Mexico was built in the late 19th century, but it was soon decided to tear this down in favor of a more opulent building in time for




Centennial of the Mexican War of Revolution in 1910

The initial design and construction was undertaken by Italian architect Adamo Boari in 1904, but complications arising from the soft subsoil and the political problem both before and during the Mexican Revolution, hindered then stopped construction completely by 1913.
Construction began again in 1932 under




Mexican architect Federico Mariscal and was comleted in 1934.

The exterior of the building is primarily Neoclassical and Art Nouveau and the interior is primarily Art Deco.
The building is best known for its murals by Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and others, as well as the many exhibitions, theatrical performances and  specially operas its hosts.



Hindemith - Rubin - Neumann - Schoenthal - Korngold - Eisler - Medlam



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Marc Leroy Calatayud, Conductor

Ethel Merhaut, Soprano
León de Castillo, Tenor
Ulrike Anton, Flute
Leo Schmidt, Cello
Hannah Eisendle, Piano   |  Matthias Lademann, Piano