The Wiener Musikverein, commonly shortened to Musikverein, is a concert hall in the Center of Vienna, Austria. The Musikverein is famous for its acoustics and is considered to be one of the three finest concert halls in the world, along with Boston's Symphony Hall and Amsterdam's Concertgebouw. None of these halls were built in the modern era with the application of acoustics science




and all share a long, tall, and narrow

showbox shape. Brahms-Saal at Musikverein is considered to be the perfect concert hall for chamber music. With its green walls, red columns and plenty of gold, Brahms-Saal looks like a little tresasure chest.

The interior of the room is held in the style of "Greek Renaissance", just like the




rest of the buiding and of course the

Golden Hall.


The concert hall is named after Johannes Brahms, as the composer performed here as a pianist and many of his works were heard in this room for the first time.



Hindemith - Eisler - Rubin - Neumann - Schoenthal - Medlam


Marc Leroy Calatayud, Conductor

Ethel Merhaut, Soprano
León de Castillo, Tenor

Leo Schmidt, Cello